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Our mission is to protect the identity and contact details of homeowners seeking information online. By providing contractors with your roofing project specifications, NRE allows them to compete for your business while avoiding in-person sales visits. Through our bidding process we aim to save you 15%-20% off the cost of your new roof.

Vision Statement

At New Roof Estimate, we are the exact opposite of the large internet lead generation companies. We will provide you with free information and in the process we promise to never sell your contact details.

Value Statement

We only ask for your contact information to make sure that you are a live property owner making a real inquiry about an actual project. 100% free of charge, you will receive a secure link to your results through the text or email provided. If you would like to keep your contact details confidential while comparing countless competitive bids from reputable roofing companies, then New Roof Estimate is the resource you’ve been looking for.

Threat Statement

By dominating the internet through SEO and paid ads in the home improvement sector, over 90% of all inquiries are being funneled to one or two lead generation companies. This forces honest, reputable contractors of all sizes to purchase your lead information at great expense. Inherently, these customer acquisition costs are passed on to the consumer; meanwhile, very little “advice” is provided by those original online lead generation companies. Ironically, the only value to these lead generation sites and roofing companies is YOU and your contact information. Your details will be sold up to four times and may be recycled and sold four additional times at a later date to other roofing contractors. In reality, you should be charging them to collect your information because you are, in fact, the product being sold.