How It Works

How It Works

Enter Project Details

First, we will need to validate your project location, name, phone number and email address. To protect us from hackers and spambots, you will be required to confirm your contact details or we will be unable to process your request. *Your contact information will not be sold at any time.

Roofing Contractors Bid On Your Project

Without divulging your exact location or contact details, we provide our network of certified roofing professionals with a complete satellite aerial sketch report. After reviewing all the necessary project details required to finalize pricing, contractors will submit their bid online.

Research Your Project

While the bidding process is taking place, we invite you to visit My Roof IQ to research and learn about the roofing industry. We wish our users to be as informed as possible about all aspects of roofing. My Roof IQ is “A Complete Roofing Guide for the Consumer” and takes the radical approach of empowering the consumer by uncovering the unknowns of the roofing marketplace.

Receive Your Free Satellite Report and Online Estimates

Either by text or email, you will receive a link to your results. Your free satellite sketch report includes aerial images and measurements with area and edge diagrams. The results page will feature a list of roofing contractors with their bid price, contact information and a link to their website (if provided). In addition, we will disclose the projected industry standard costs of labor and materials so you know the estimated contractor markup added for profit and overhead.

Choose Who Contacts You

Now that you have learned about the roofing industry and the direct costs associated with your roofing project, it is time to choose from whom you’d like to work with. At this point you can decide if you’d like a contractor to follow up with you or if you’d prefer to contact them directly. You may wish to not be contacted or move forward with any contractor. It’s entirely up to you.

Spread the Word

Lastly, our goal was to provide you with of the all of the information you needed to make a well informed buying decision. We hope you enjoy the beauty and security of your new roof for many years to come!

We Do Things Differently At New Roof Estimate!

We Do Not Sell Your Contact Information

Unlike large lead generating websites, we are not in the business of collecting personal information and selling it. Did you know that your contact information will likely be sold to multiple contractors from anywhere between $75 and $150? In fact, these lead generating companies are driving up costs to the consumer and providing very little in return.

No Visits to Your Home

Through cutting edge satellite technology, New Roof Estimate is able to provided 100% contact free roof estimates. New Roof Estimate takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and is dedicated to the health and well being of our customers, salespersons and crews. As a result, your roof’s satellite measurements are provided to you free of charge.

No Pesky Sales Calls

We realize people looking to replace their roofs aren’t interested in being bombarded by several sales calls from roofers who simply paid for your personal information. With the help of My Roof IQ we provide you with accurate, transparent and unbiased information about the roofing industry and your specific roofing project. It is up to you to decide which roofing companies you wish to move forward with free of any pressure to purchase your new roof.

Multiple Bids From Certified and Licensed Roofing Contractors

You will receive bids from multiple, competing roofers in your area. We allow any interested roofer in your area the opportunity to place a bid to replace your roof. You are in control of the sales process, your personal information and the path forward to replace your roof.

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